Peering Policy

Our peering policy is “Selective”.

However, it is difficult for nonprofit organizations to pay for peering costs.

Therefore, we make the following peering conditions.

Technical requirements

Mandatory requirements

  • You will have a globally routable Autonomous System Number(ASN).
  • Peer can establish BGP in both IPv4 and IPv6.

Optional requirements

  • You advertise routes can ROV for RPKI.
  • We highly recommended that you comply with MANRS.

Operational requirements

  • Registration and publish contact information on PeeringDB; if PeeringDB registration does not exist, publish contact information in other means.
  • You registration appropriate objects for IRR(e.g. RADB,JPIRR).
  • You can reply within 24 hour for operation contact.

Routing Policy

  • Reject longer prefixes with IPv4 /24 and IPv6 /48 on receive.
  • Reject default route and Bogon prefixes on receive.
  • MED is overwrite on receive; if you want MED evaluation, it must be pre-negotiation.
  • Community except graceful shutdown(65535:0) and RTBH(59105:666) is overwrite on receive.
  • Our ASBR is deploying ROV by RPKI, that reject invalid prefixes on receive.
  • We advertise routes are AS59105 origin and follower ASes. See JPIRR::AS-HOMENOC for more information.
  • MD5 authentication is not recommended, but will be supported if necessary.

Traffic requirements

We have not minimum traffic requirement.

Peering method

Internet eXchange

JPIX Tokyo / JPIX Osaka / Equinix IX Tokyo

You can receive our routes in Route Server.
I forbid you to to direct default route to us.


We are peering at some data centers and wide area ethernet.

  • OPEN
  • Cross connect at the following data center
Region Data center Remarks
Tokyo Shibuya Data Center The location is not published. If you want PNI at POP03, Please contact me to that effect.
Tokyo NTT DATA Otemachi Bldg Connectable from Otemachi Place West Tower(BBTower New Otemachi Site)
Osaka NTT Telepark Dojima 2 Building Connectable from 1 building and 3 building and NTT DATA Dojima building and Sonezaki building
Osaka NTT Data Dojima Building Connectable from 1 building and 3 building and Sonezaki building


We may disconnect the peer if the above conditions apply.

  • There is a bad influence on stable operation of the network.
  • When the peering condition can not be satisfied.

Peering Contact

You can refer PeeringDB to get some information. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries about peering.

  • Contact: peer[at]