BGP Looking Glass

Home NOC Operators’ Group BGP Looking Glass provides network routing information on the backbone infrastructure.

How to use

Access the Looking Glass Router of restricted command using SSH.

  • SSH Connection
  • Authentication
    • Username:routeview
    • Password:as59105homenoc
  • Available Commands
show route
show validation
  • If you want to know the command options, please look at the Juniper Networks website.

Technical Specification

It is connected to the server segment under the edge router of POP03 (Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan). It iBGP connects with two route reflectors in the Tokyo area to receive full route. it supported RPKI (BGP Origin Validation) and connected to ROA cache servers in our network. The ROA cache servers refers to Five RIRs trust anchors.

Terms of use

  • If no operation for 30 minutes it will be automatically logged out.
  • Occupation of a session for a long time is not allowed.
  • All queries must be entered manually. automated scripts can not be used.
  • We reserves the right to terminate this service or function at its sole discretion at any time.
  • We store access logs for security and analysis.