Backbone Network

Home NOC Operators’ Group operates the backbone network at 9 sites. ( Aug 2023 )

Backbone Network Diagram


Name Location Bandwidth Remarks
NOC01 Yokohama-shi , Kanagawa 2Gbps  
NOC03 Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 1Gbps  
NOC05 Suginami-ku, Tokyo 1Gbps  
POP03 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 10Gbps Shibuya DC
POP05 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1Gbps Otemachi DC
POP52 NTT Telepark Dojima Building 2, Osaka 10Gbps Dojima#2 DC
NOC51 Kaizuka-shi, Osaka 1Gbps  
POP53 Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 1Gbps Aso Business Computer College
POP52 NTT DATA Dojima Building 4, Osaka 1Gbps Dojima#4 DC

External Connection

We are connected to the following organizations. ( Aug 2023 )

External Connections List

  • ExternalConnection 38Gbps
Name ASN Bandwidth Type Termination Point
BIGLOBE Inc. AS2518 12Gbps Transit NOC01/NOC03/POP52
SAKURA Internet Inc. AS9371 1Gbps Transit POP52
SAKURA Internet Inc. AS9370 10Gbps Transit POP03
SoftEther Corporation. AS59103 10Gbps Transit POP03
Accelia Inc. AS17686 1Gbps Partial Transit NOC03
FORNEXT Inc. AS131948 1Gbps Peering Proxy NOC01
JPIX TOKYO N/A 1Gbps Internet eXchange POP05
Equinix IX Tokyo N/A 1Gbps Internet eXchange POP03
JPIX OSAKA N/A 1Gbps Internet eXchange POP54
Other PNI N/A 1Gbps Private Peer POP05
  • The connection bandwidth indicates the speed of the interface used to connect to the external connection destination, and does not indicate that communication can be performed at the stated speed.